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It's the Courage to Continue that Counts

Written by: Kate Konopka

When my son Zach submitted his scholarship essay to the Greene County Historical Society on the History of Reds this past December we had no idea that the more specific theme of his essay would carry such an eerie ring to it just a few short months later. He begins the essay with this quote:  "Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.¨ (Winston Churchill). He credits the "couragous entreprenuerial spirit that embodied each of the four eras of ownership" for giving Reds the esteemed title of the oldest  independently owned and operated restaurant in Greene County, in continuous operation since 1944. Zach goes on to illustrate throughout the essay that "each owner’s ability to recognize and adapt to changes in the social, economic, and political environments allowed them to progress and innovate in ways that set Reds apart from other restaurants in the region, and helped to secure the longevity of the restaurant through each transition of ownership. Every owner faced obstacles and unforeseen circumstances that impacted the business in sometimes unexpected ways, but ultimately their commitment to explore, evolve and persevere not only helped them to survive, it has helped define what Reds is today."

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More Cookies Please!

Written by: Joe Konopka

The Christmas holiday, besides being a time for giving, is inevitably a time for eating. I would dare say more good food is consumed in December than any other time of year without exception. We all have a favorite food that sparks a wonderful memory or screams "now this is Christmas!" Mine is most definitely COOKIES.

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It's the Little Things

Written by: Kate Konopka

Ever feel like you want to make a difference in the world but life seems to get in the way? I think we can all relate to having great intentions and aspirations not only for our days, but also our lives. For some it is a New Year's resolution to lose a few of those extra pounds, or to be more patient. Or maybe it is the promises we make to finally get together with friends that never seem to evolve; or the idea that we will become more involved in our community whether through volunteerism or activism. Or maybe it is that we will someday have the ability to influence and affect people in grand ways like Oprah. These are definitely things that have crossed my mental plate, often in the middle of the night when my subconscious is testing me to finally figure out what living a meaningful life really entails.

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Prepared to Welcome You

Written by: Kate Konopka

Over the last 75+ years Reds has withstood the test of time, even when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges. The current social state, as a result of the recent pandemic, has certainly caused many in the restaurant and hospitality industries to consider what it will mean for our customers, those employed by us, and the vitality of our businesses in the long and short term.

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