Events on the Deck

A private event on the Deck at Reds will most certainly "WOW" your guests! Depending on menu arrangements, we can generally accommodate up to 50 guests for a private event on the deck during its open season which generally starts in late March or early April depending on the weather. Below outlines our event policies for Private Events held in our outdoor deck dining space. Indoor Dining Events in our Back Room are also available - minimums and arrangements for inside dining are different than on the deck so please check our Policies & General Information page for details regarding Private Indoor Dining Events. 

Menu Options

To view our current menu options for events of 25 or more guests please see our package info under the Private Events tab. Lunch, Dinner, and Brunch Packages available. Wood Fired Pizza and Seafood Boil events will soon be available as well. Private Events on the Deck do have minimum event pricing (see below).

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Private events on the deck may be arranged for up to 4 hours in duration with arrival times between 11:30am- noon for daytime events and 6:00pm for evening events.

Booking & Payment

To give you adequate time to consider our event offerings, we will gladly hold a date for your event on the deck for 48 hours. A non-refundable deposit of $500 will be requested upon your decision to book your private event on the deck and the deposit will be forfeited if event is cancelled. Final payment is due on day of event at its conclusion. Private Event Package prices reflect a discount for cash or check settlement. If paying by credit card, please add 4% to your total bill.

Minimums for Private Deck Events

Given the high demand for dining on the deck and the time requirements of hosting private events on the deck, we require a minimum event charge to close the deck for private gatherings. The minimum event charge is based on the day of the week event is scheduled.

- For events held Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday the minimum event cost for private events on the deck would be $1900 (plus tax and gratuity).

- For events held on Friday, Saturday or Sunday the minimum event cost for private events on the deck would be $2500 (plus tax and gratuity).

If food and beverage arrangements for the event do not total the minimums outlined above, an additional event space charge will apply to insure that you meet the event minimum.

Tax & Gratuity

All of our pricing is subject to the customary 18% gratuity and applicable sales tax (currently 8%). Additional gratuities are not expected, however if you feel your event coordinator or service staff has exceeded your expectations you are welcome to provide an additional gratuity. Tax exempt organizations need to present a tax exempt voucher and pay with an organizational check or government voucher.

Overtime Fees

Prices listed are for a maximum four-hour time frame, but overtime may be available at the discretion of management. There is no option for overtime on events if there is another event scheduled later that evening. Daytime events must end no later than 4:00pm. Please note that no events may extend beyond 11:00pm. The charge for overtime is an additional $100/hr plus tax and gratuity.

Inclement Weather for Deck EventsFire pit on the deck

Guests should anticipate that bad weather and wind are always possible. Although we make every attempt to proceed with events regardless of weather conditions, occasionally a guest may request shifting their event inside. Events booked on the deck may or may not be moved inside if inclement weather is predicted. If inside space is available and you would like to shift your event inside, it will need to be arranged with our event coordinator no later than 3 days prior to the event date.

Decorations & Confetti

Although the Deck is a beautiful setting by itself, guests are welcome to bring in additional decorations and accessories to enhance their event. We do request that nothing be adhered to lighting, fans, windows, walls, or painted surfaces. Use of confetti is strictly prohibited.

Additional Amenities Available on the Deck Upon Request

- Champagne table linens with an array of napkin colors available upon request.

- Window sides for the north & west sides of the space.

- Portable heaters and an additional larger space heater available / Ceiling fans to circulate air during warmer months

- Votive holders with tea lights

Pandemic Related Regulations in Effect

For the safety of our guests and team members, we continue to follow CDC and NYS pandemic related guidelines as outlined on the NY Forward site . Due to the everchanging nature of these guidelines, guests are encouraged to visit the CDC and NY Forward sites for the most up to date pandemic related guidance.